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Session 1 Class Descriptions

Monday Courses - Classes meet 6 times

Accelerated Reading Club (ARC) (Grades 2-4), $25
Does your child love to read? We will relax, read, and take Accelerated Reader tests.
Come read and earn your AR points! A small snack will be provided.
Taught by Mendota teachers, Ms. Munson, Ms. Krohn & Ms. Christiansen.

3D Pen (Grades 3-4), $25
A 3D pen is a fun and useful tool for “drawing” three-dimensional objects! 3D pens are similar to
hot glue guns but, instead of glue sticks, 3D pens melt plastic filament allowing students to use
their imagination and creativity to create in three dimensions.
Taught by Mendota teacher, Ms. Mogelson

LEGO! (Grades K-2), $25
Do you like LEGOs? Become a Master Builder and Engineer as we design
and construct with LEGOs.
Taught by Mendota Tech Specialist, Mr. Vitiritti

Dungeons & Dragons (Grades 3-4), $25
Kids will learn collaboration, problem solving, and storytelling, in the safe to “fail” environment of
their imaginations while playing the most popular role playing strategy game in the world. Here
they will create characters and be put in environments in which they will need to solve problems,
avoid obstacles, and defeat enemies while working toward a common goal.
Taught by Armondo Ronconi.

Directed Drawing 1 (Grades K-2), $25
Try out and explore Art for Kids Hub, Sticker art, Mosaics, 3D color cubes and more.
Taught by Mendota teacher, Mr. Elkins.

Directed Drawing 2 (Grades K-2), $25
**This class meets 3:15-4:15**
A continuation of DD1 with new and engaging elements of crafting and design. This class can
also be taken as a stand alone class for the 2nd hour.
Taught by Mendota teacher, Mr. Elkins.

Tuesday Courses - Classes meet 6 times

Kids Yoga (Grades K-4), $25
Kids yoga classes are fun, inspirational, educational, and unique every time. We learn about our bodies, our emotions, and our energy through age appropriate yoga poses, creative movement,
games, breath exercises, and stories. Students learn physical skills such as strength, balance,
and flexibility as well as universal concepts such as cooperation, compassion and gratitude.
Taught by Grace from Green Lotus.

Board Games (Grades 1-2), $25
Do you like to play games? Come join Ms. Thul and Ms. Rimmele for an afternoon of games
and fun! Practice games such as: Candyland, Sorry, Mancala, Chutes and Ladders, Connect
Four and on!
Taught by Mendota teachers, Ms. Thul & Ms. Rimmele.

Forest Club (Grades 3-4), $25
Spend time in the Mendota Forest! We will learn about the Forest as well as play games and
complete activities such as mulching a pathway. If you are a nature enthusiast, this is for you!
Taught by Mendota teacher, Ms. Keane.

Sign Language (Grades 1-4), $25
Interested in learning sign language? Come learn some of the basics after school! We will start
with the alphabet, numbers, and signs for things we see in school. Then we will learn signs for
animals, colors, foods, seasons, and things we see in nature. We will also learn family signs and
basic greetings such as "good morning" and 'How are you?"
Taught by Mendota paraprofessional Rachel Hole.

Books and Art (Grades K-2) $25
In this class we will listen to a favorite or new book and create an art project centered around its
characters or theme. Come prepared to engage in some great books and creative art making!
Taught by Mendota Art teacher, Ms. Dunham

Cougar Athletics 1, (Grades 3-4) $25
Flag Football – team up with your friends for a competitive game of flag football.
Taught by Mendota Teacher, Mr. Elkins

Cougar Athletics 2, (Grades 3-4) $25
**This class meets 3:15-4:15**
Kickball – team up with your friends for a competitive game of kickball.
Taught by Mendota teacher, Mr. Elkins

Wednesday Courses - Classes meet 6 times

Gleason’s Gymnastics (Grades K-4), $25
Come have fun with Sasha from Gleason’s Gymnastics and other Gleason Instructors.
Mendota’s gym is transformed into a mini Gleason’s Gymnasium!

Running Club (Grades 1-4), $25
The Mendota Run Club encourages kids to be active through running. The goal is to have fun
while improving endurance over the session. Get exercise with games, drills, and relays with friends!
Taught by Mendota parent, Jaci Mendes.

The Art of Fall (Grades K-2), $25
Join this class to explore activities such as going outside and discovering the textures of leaves,
play outside games outside such as “I spy with my little eye,” “Scavenger hunt,” and “Bingo,”
and indoor games such as “Animal Movement Dice” or “Baby bear Nature game.” Kids will paint, color, and make many designs!
Taught by Mendota paraprofessional, Ms. Carla Guiterrez.

Soccer (Grades 3-4), $25
Join other 3rd and 4th graders to play soccer outdoors.
Taught by Mendota Tech Specialist, Mr. Vitritti.

Crochet (Grades 3-4), $25
This class introduces students to the basics of crochet at their own pace, with a focus on a
relaxed, pressure-free learning environment. Students will learn basic skills such as forming a
slip knot, crocheting a chain, single crochet, and tying off the final project. Taught by Mendota
parent, Ms. Solomie Redae.

Chess (Grades K-4), $25
Want to amaze your friends and impress your opponents? Want to increase your IQ while
having fun playing Chess and compete for various prizes? Learn from Twin Cities Chess Club
instructors who have years of teaching experience.All chess levels are welcome.
Taught by Twin Cities Chess Club.

Thursday Courses - Classes meet 5 times

Construction Paper Crafts (Grades K-2), $25
Using only construction paper, glue, and scissors, we can make some amazing things! The only
limit is your imagination! Join us for craft making, creativity and a lot of fun.
Taught by MendotaTeacher, Ms. Thul.

Basketball (Grades 3-4), $25
Is your child ready to get outside and play? This class will get you moving on the court!
Taughtby Mendota teacher, Mr. Christenson.

Mendota Farmers Market (Grades 3-4), $25
Let's learn about the importance of eating locally by organizing a Mendota Farmer's Market! The
market will take place during Mendota's Fall Festival in early October. During the class, we will
work on promoting the market and gather/make items to sell at the market. In the final weeks of
the class, we will do some clean-up in the Mendota Garden as well as other fun fall activities and crafts.
Taught by Mendota parent, Steph Meyer.

Cougar Fitness (Grades K-4), $25
Come have fun, play gym games and get fit with your favorite gym teacher!
Taught by Mendota teacher, Mr. Holtz.

Storytelling through Coding 1 (Grades 2-4), $25
Learn to storyboard and code your own adventure using the popular coding app Scratch Jr.
(This course can be a stand alone class, or combined with Coding 2, which extends from 3:15-4:45).
Taught by Mendota Teacher, Mr. Elkins.

Storytelling through Coding 2 (Grades 2-4), $25
**This class meets 3:15-4:15**
Continue to develop your narrative and code with extra hands-on coaching from the instructor.
This class can be a continuation of the 2:15-3:15 coding 1 class, or be considered as a stand
alone class. Taught by Mendota Teacher, Mr. Elkins.

Friday Courses - Classes meet 5 times

Guitar (Grades 2-4), $25
Learn the basics of how to play the guitar and get started learning your favorite songs.
Taught by Mike with Menard Music.

Make it & Take It Fidgets (Grades 1-2), $25
Join this class to make a new calming/mindfulness fidget each week, including calming jars, straw fidgets, sensory cubes, soothing stones, mini koosh, bead snakes, and more.
Taught by Mendota parent, Natalie Dunphy.

Engineering X’tream 1 (Grades 3-4), $25
Build bridges, cloud touching structures, balooner racers, hover disks, and so much more. This
class can be taken as a stand alone class, or as Part 1 of a 2 part class (see posting for Engineering X’tream 2 below).
Taught by Mendota teacher, Mr. Elkins.

Engineering X’tream 2 (Grades 3-4), $25
**This class meets 3:15-4:15**
Continue your engineering journey of discovery and hands-on construction. This class can be a
continuation of the Engineering X’Tream 1 class, or students can join this class as an additional stand alone class.
Taught by Mendota teacher, Mr. Elkins

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